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Multiple Sclerosis Center

Multiple sclerosis diagnosis, assessment, care, services, and treatment await you at The Mandell MS Center in Hartford, Connecticut. We provide advanced MS physical therapy, medication, multiple sclerosis research, and leading-edge MS treatment facilities to the communities of Southern New England through our nationally recognized team of multiple sclerosis physician specialists, neurologists, physiatrists, MS therapists, urologists, our multiple sclerosis research team, and a nursing and support staff specially trained to care for MS patients. Explore this website to learn more.
For Details: (860) 714-2149
Research Projects
and Clinical Trials at
The Mandell MS Center
TYSABRI® Global Observation in Safety (TYGRIS)

Status - Ongoing, but currently closed to enrollment

Multiple Sclerosis Genetic Susceptibility Project

Status - Ongoing and currently enrolling new participants



The Mandell Center for Multiple Sclerosis
490 Blue Hills Avenue
Hartford, CT 06112